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Are you looking for marijuana products that have a pleasant taste? Do you need a product that has a higher concentration of THC? Elevate Maine Delivery LLC offers marijuana edibles and more in Yarmouth and South Portland, ME. Whether you need marijuana extract products or concentrates, you'll find them at our store. We have items available for almost any price range.

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Our patrons appreciate the broad selection of products we carry. When you drop by our store, you'll find:

  • Dry-sift products
  • Waxes
  • Luminosa
  • Rosin
  • Cannabis edibles
  • Diamonds
  • High Terpene Badder
  • Terp Sauce
  • Crumble
We utilize the best methods in the industry to get our extracts, and we only sell high-quality products. You can count on our friendly staff to help you find what you need. Call us today at 207-242-8062 if you have any questions about our marijuana extract or any of our other products.