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About Us EST 2009

We've been in the Maine cannabis industry since 2009 and have been pursing the absolute best this plant has to offer from day one. At our facility we cultivate exotics and heirloom strains that everyday cannabis connoisseurs can appreciate. We have multiple pheno hunts every year and only select the top 1%. We source our genetics from the best breeders in the world and what we cant get from them we make in our own breeding program.


We offer on site consulting for indoor and outdoor cultivation spaces. Our rates are competitive and we will work with you until your problems are resolved.

Services Provided:

  • IPM management.
  • Streamline cultivation methods.
  • Troubleshoot plant issues.
  • Buildouts and renovations.
  • Automation.
  • and much more...
Many of the best brands in Maine have used us to help guide them to success and we can do the same for you!


We only cultivate the worlds most exotic strains as well as heirloom strains.


We take the time and effort to breed our own cultivars when we're looking for something specific the market isn't yielding.


We sell the same award winning strains we cultivate directly to you! Registered Caregivers can purchase clones and seeds directly from us. We are currently only offering seeds and clones to Maine Medical patients. Please reach out for more details at (207) 242 - 8062.