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High-quality Cannabis Clones For Sale in Yarmouth and South Portland, Maine

We know it can be hard to find quality marijuana clones in Maine. There are a lot of uncertainties that can come up and finding a reputable source has proven to be difficult. That’s why we here at Elevate Maine have stepped in to make your search for weed clones in Maine easy. When you shop Elevate Main clones you know you’ll be getting exactly what you bought, letting you be confident with your purchase.


What are Cannabis Clones

Marijuana clones are exactly what you probably expect when you hear the term cannabis clones. It is a clone of a plant that is usually referred to as a “mother plant.” A “mother plant” is a female cannabis plant that is kept in its vegetative stage of growth. Clones come from taking a clipping of the plant and through a scientific process turning that clipping into an exact replica of the plant it came from. 


Why Buy Pot Clones From Elevate Maine?

Elevate Maine guarantees female clones and provides a variety of popular and high-quality cannabis strains to choose from. Because of that, we have a ton of confidence in the cannabis clones we offer. 


What Kind of Clones Do We Offer?

Whether you are looking for indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, we have something for everyone. We offer numerous strains that provide great results and high yields, letting you feel confident throughout the growth process.


Pros of Growing Clones

  1. Time: Using cannabis clones instead of starting from a seed can be quite a time saver. Being able to transplant clones and watch them start growing right away is a great time saver. 

  2. Easiness: By avoiding the germination and seedling stages, some growers find it all around easier as those stages can be found to be more difficult, especially for newer growers. Using clones is harder to mess up the plant. 

  3. Proven Genetics; Our clones come from strong mothers that have proven endlessly to have good genetics and high yields. With using clones you can usually expect to have a good result, whereas growing from seeds may not be as promising.

  4. Save money: While a clone may be more expensive than just a seed, clones tend to be cheaper when everything is said and done. Clones can lead to a higher yield and healthier plants as we know where the genetics are coming from. 


How to Buy Cannabis Clones in Maine?

If you are looking to purchase cannabis clones in Maine, then the Elevate Maine dispensary has you covered. You can contact us “insert contact info” or stop in at either our Yarmouth or South Portland location.


South Portland

Address: 700 Broadway, South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: (207) 650-2520



Address: 50 Downeast Dr, Yarmouth, ME 04096

Phone: (207) 242-8062


Things to Consider When Buying Clones

We find it extremely important to read up on the strain you may be interested in. Learn how it grows, what effects it has, and anything else you can find on that cannabis strain. While we have a high regard for our clones there are still a lot of factors that come into play with growing cannabis, whether using seeds or clones. This can include lighting, nutrients, soil, and a lot more that can have an effect on the overall yield and quality of your plants.